WCO Legacy Society

WCO Legacy Society is a select group of passionate opera lovers who, in addition to their regular annual contributions to Washington Concert Opera, have made a provision for planned gifts or bequests to WCO as part of their estates. These gifts play a vital role in contributing to WCO’s long-term financial stability.

There are a number of ways to make planned gifts to Washington Concert Opera, any of which will qualify you for WCO Legacy Society membership. Options include wills and trusts, bank or investment accounts, retirement accounts, insurance policies, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, and endowment gifts. Your financial advisor can help you select the most appropriate approach for your circumstances.

For more information, contact Ursula Kuhar, at (202) 364-5826 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


We salute the following the members of WCO Legacy Society who have demonstrated a generous and farsighted commitment in support of concert opera as a unique art form in the nation’s capital.
Rachel Abraham
Jean W. Arnold
James H. Berkson
Hays R. Browning, Jr.
Michele Bartoli Cain
Harlow Case
Alexander D. Crary
Linda J. DeRamus
Charlotte Gollobin
M. Sharon Greene
Judy Gruber
June Hajjar
Kenneth G. Hance, Jr.
Sheridan Harvey
Michael Higgins
Emanuel Landau
Ingrid Meyer
Robert Misbin
Colonel and Mrs. David P. Montague
Mark W. Ohnmacht
William Larz Pearson
Stephanie R. van Reigersberg
Louise Austin Remmey
Barbara M. Rossotti
Alan J. Savada
Bill and Dottie Schmidt
Mitchell Schneider and Susan Sarcone
Antony Walker
Jenonne Walker
Dorothy and Kenneth Woodcock
William E. Youngblood